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School Classes

Years 3 and 4

Years 3 and 4

The theme for our families in Year 3 and 4 is tropical birds, with the class families named Flamingo, Hummingbird and Macaw. All adults work closely together to plan exciting learning opportunities which build upon the skills, knowledge and experiences the children have already developed at Cold Harbour.

Our topic based curriculum focuses on first-hand experiences which aim to stimulate children's imagination and answer questions they have raised, whilst encouraging them to become more independent thinkers and learners. Wherever possible we try to use visits and draw upon links in the community to add another dimension to children's learning.

This Spring Term our theme is Invaders, with aspects of the Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon and Viking settlement of England being explored. We are looking forward to some 'Anglo-Saxons' visiting us for the day and also to travelling to Verulamium museum at St Albans to see the Roman mosaics and handle some genuine Roman artefacts.