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Open Sessions

Please join us at open sessions and visit oiur Foundation classes. Please click here for more information
Tuesday 26th September at 1.30pm   |   Thursday 5th October at 9.30am
Thursday 9th November at 2.15pm   |   Thursday 7th December at 9.30am

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All newsletters are provided in Adobe PDF format. Please click here if you require the Adobe PDF Reader.

The learning maps now replace the termly newsletters for each year group. The learning maps give you an overview for the curriculum your child will follow.

Celebrating Achievements 2016/17

17th November 2017 (PDF 217KB)

10th November 2017 (PDF 215KB)

3rd November 2017 (PDF 213KB)

20th October 2017 (PDF 216KB)

13th October 2017 (PDF 213KB)

6th October 2017 (PDF 215KB)

29th September 2017 (PDF 215KB)

22nd September 2017 (PDF 214KB)

15th September 2017 (PDF 217KB)

8th September 2017 (PDF 167KB)

School Newsletters 2016/17

November 2017 (PDF 333KB)

October 2017 (PDF 315KB)

September 2017 (PDF 367KB)

Governors Newsletters 2016/17

Governors October 2017 (PDF 365KB)

Please contact us to obtain any older newsletters.

Foundation Years Newsletters

» Learning Map 2015/16

Foundation Autumn (2) 2017 (PDF 530KB)

Foundation Autumn (1) 2017 (PDF 453KB)

Years 3 and 4 Newsletters

» Learning Map 2015/17

Y3/4 Autumn 2 2017 (PDF 135KB)

Y3/4 Autumn 2017 (PDF 133KB)

Years 1 and 2 Newsletters

» Learning Map 2015/17

Y1/2 Autumn 2017 (PDF 79KB)

Years 5 and 6 Newsletters

» Learning Map 2015/17

Y5/6 Autumn 2017 (PDF 225KB)