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Read Write Inc is used by over a quarter of the UK’s primary schools. It is a comprehensive literacy programme, weaving decoding, comprehension, writing and spelling together seamlessly.

Ruth Miskin developed the programme during her time as a headteacher in Tower Hamlets. She believes that in order for a school to be successful, every headteacher needs to adopt a consistent whole-school approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling.

By following the teaching programme, alongside rigorous assessment, tracking and one-to- one tutoring ensures that schools guarantee progress for every child.

Children in EYFS and KS1 are taught reading through daily Read Write Inc. lessons which last for 30  minutes. Each session begins with a focus sound and then moves onto word reading. Following the speed sound session, children read a RWI book which is pitched to their current reading ability. There will be green words (phonetically decodable words) and red words (words which cannot be decoded phonetically) in every book. These words are shared before book reading begins to prepare children to successfully read the text. This process enables children to read at sound, word, sentence and book level in every reading lesson.  Once children are able to successfully decode fluently, they have whole class reading lessons.
At Cold Harbour, KS2 reading lessons are skill based and include whole class and group reading every week. Lessons focus on the skills children need to be developed in order to be good readers:
– clarifying
– summarising
– inferring
– predicting
– evaluating
– making connections and comparisons
Reading skills are explored through quality, whole class texts. Talk is integral to supporting the learning and children work in pairs with the support of sentence stems to support their discussion. Children also get the opportunity to read a text at the reading attainment level each week and they apply their knowledge of the skill to these books too.
At Cold Harbour, writing is taught in 2-3 week blocks based on core texts which are linked to the phase topic. Each block is based on a fiction or non-fiction genre which is taught within the year group phase. At the beginning of each teaching block, children are given the opportunity to explore the genre and its features. This includes reading part or all of the core text as well as being exposed to additional texts in the same genre or with the same themes.
Writing lessons focus on developing a range of vocabulary. Children collect and share vocabulary linked to the texts and they are also introduced to new words. A range of age appropriate literary techniques and devices are taught throughout the school year. For example, when teaching poetry there may be particular focus on alliteration and onomatopoeia. Grammar is also taught during writing lessons and where possible, is always taught in context. This means children will look at grammatical structures within their core text where it can be seen in use, and then apply it to their own writing. Children write regularly throughout the 3 week block of lessons and this is often for a range of purposes. At the end of each teaching block children apply the vocabulary and structures they have learnt to write their own piece which is inspired by the core text.
Handwriting is taught from EYFS up to year 6. When children are introduced to each new sound in phonics they learn the formation and the Read Write Inc saying for each letter. For example, ‘s’ is ‘slither down the snake. Once children are able to form all letters correctly, they are taught cursive handwriting. Children in key stage 2 are expected to join their handwriting.


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