Governors’ information and duties

Governors’ information and duties

Govenors : Welcome

The Governing body support the school leadership team in it’s aim to continually improve the quality of teaching, leadership and management in order to raise pupil’s academic standards, encourage good behaviour and create a safe working and learning environment.

By being involved in strategic planning and understanding the school’s strengths and weaknesses we are able to challenge when appropriate, encourage where necessary and continually support the school in its drive for excellence.

The Governing body are responsible for ensuring the management of financial resources are overseen and are used effectively. We do this by working with the Headteacher in making decisions about how the budget is spent and regularly monitor how the school uses its resources in order to address priorities relating to standards and secure improvement.

Not only do we have the tools and systems in place to enable us to carry out our responsibilities, ensuring our statutory duties are met, but continual self evaluation ensures we are doing everything possible to overcome any barriers to learning.

Govenors : Role and Functions

School governors are drawn from different parts of the community and can be parents and staff or from the LA, the community and other groups. This helps ensure the governing body has sufficient diversity of views and experience but does not mean governors of a particular category represent that group on the governing body. For example, parent governors do not represent the parents at the school and do not report back to them.

The governing body has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Its responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Setting targets for pupil achievement
  • Managing the school’s finances
  • Making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based
  • Appointing staff
  • Reviewing staff performance and pay
  • Our governing body delegates it functions to two committees; Curriculum and Standards (C and S) and Finance, Premises and Personnel (FPP).


The Governing Body constitution comprises of 11 governors:

  • 1 Local Authority governor
  • 1 Head teacher governor
  • 2 Foundation governors
  • 4 parent governors
  • 1 staff governor
  • 2 co-opted governor

The governing body has considerable discretion as to how to discharge its responsibilities but is required to constitute itself in line with the regulations and to appoint a chair and vice chair. The governing body may delegate certain of its responsibilities to certain governors or committees of governors, although in general, it is not compelled to do so. Further information and reading can be found on the National Governors’ Association website.

Our Governors

Sharon Power   – Chair, Parent Governor                                            Term of office from 30 Nov 2015 to 29 Nov 2019

Christine Ryan – Head Teacher Governor

Steph Horvath – Staff Governor                                                              Term of office from 03 July 2017 to 02 Jul 2021

Matt Beer – Foundation Governor                                                         Term of office from 22 Feb 2017 to 21 Feb 2021

Felicity Cockbaine – Co-Opted Governor                                         Term of office from 01 Sep 2015 to 31 Aug 2019

Andrew Prince – Co-Opted Governor                                                 Term of office from 26 Mar 2018 to 25 Mar 2022

Joanna Grant – Vice Chair, Parent Governor                                  Term of office from 26 Mar 2018 to 25 Mar 2022

Petra Wagstaff – Parent Governor                                                       Term of office from 26 Mar 2018 to 25 Mar 2022

Ruby Ahsan – Parent Governor                                                              Term of office from 13 Jan 2017 to 12 Jan 2021

Penni Powers – Foundation Governor                                               Term of office from 11 May 2017 to 10 May 2021

Sandra Webster – Local Authority Governor                                Term of office from 23 Mar 2017 to 22 Mar 2021



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