Activities & Events

Activities & Events

Christmas Cracked

On Wednesday 5th December 2018, Year 6 attended Christmas Cracked at Whaddon Way Church in Bletchley. The children had a really enjoyable morning learning about the ‘true meaning of Christmas‘ while they decorated festive cakes, completed  a quiz and  listened to a shepherd reciting his version of the Christmas story. A huge thank you to Bridgebuilder trust volunteers who made the whole experience possible.


Activities & Events

Moon Buggies

You may be wondering how astronauts in 2018 explore the surface of the Moon.  On Monday 10th December, Puffin, Kingfisher and Penguin classes tried to answer that question.  Here are our results – I wonder which one NASA will choose?


Activities & Events

WWII Experience Day

A huge thank you to all the families of the Waterbirds classes for providing such wonderful costumes and letters for our World War II Experience Day.  The children and staff had a tremendous day learning all about evacuation.  
After sheltering from the bombs (in a makeshift Morrison’s shelter), sampling vegetable soup and designing  propaganda posters, the children were joined by their families in the hall to sing rousing tunes like ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.’   It was a truly wonderful experience.


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